CBD Energy Drink

CBD Energy Drink Benefits

As cannabis products surge in popularity, so do cannabis-infused drinks. The cannabis drink industry could be worth $600 million by 2021. Name the beverage, and a producer has likely infused it with CBD, THC, or both. Customers can choose from cannabis energy drinks, tea, coffee, juice, soda, wine, and beer. Many of these drinks are marketed for their health and wellness benefits.

Curious customers might be surprised by the existence of CBD energy drinks. On the surface, the effects of caffeine and cannabis seem at odds. There is more to these drinks than first meets the eye, however, and CBD energy drinks are finding their market. Customers interested in exploring the world of these drinks will not be disappointed with the many options available to them. 

Why CBD Energy Drinks?

Although researchers haven’t yet examined CBD energy drinks, some professionals believe that the effects of CBD and caffeine can help balance each other out. Caffeine increases energy and helps people focus, but it can cause the jitters. CBD is calming and comes with a multitude of health benefits, but it could make a person sleepy, especially if ingested in the morning. 

CBD energy drinks just might provide the best of both worlds. The caffeine can help increase alertness, while the CBD removes the edge that sometimes comes with caffeine. CBD can mellow a person out, and caffeine can help keep that mellowness from turning into sleepiness. 

Do CBD Energy Drinks Contain THC?

CBD can be extracted from both cannabis and hemp. Hemp-derived CBD energy drinks do not contain THC. Cannabis-derived CBD energy drinks might or might not contain THC, depending on their formula. Customers purchasing cannabis energy drinks from California dispensaries should carefully examine labels to determine if the energy drink they’re interested in contains THC.

Many people drink energy drinks in the morning the way others regularly drink coffee or caffeinated tea. Those looking to enjoy a CBD energy drink as part of their daily morning routine before work will likely want a THC-free product, so they don’t end up high on the job. THC has psychoactive effects, while CBD does not. As a result, cannabis energy drinks that contain THC operate very differently from those that do not.

What Should CBD Energy Drinkers Know?

Caffeine is most likely the riskiest ingredient in CBD energy drinks. Energy drinks often contain more caffeine than what’s found in a cup of coffee. People experimenting with CBD energy drinks should pay close attention to the caffeine content of the products they try and make sure they only ingest an amount to which they are accustomed. 

Ingesting large amounts of caffeine can produce side effects such as anxiety, rapid heart rate, insomnia, and digestive problems. Although CBD might counteract some of these effects, there’s no guarantee they won’t occur. People who aren’t used to consuming much caffeine should ease into CBD energy drinks by starting slow and paying attention to how their bodies react. 


Cannabis and CBD energy drinks are one of the many exciting new cannabis drink products on the market. They offer a different experience than either CBD or energy drinks do on their own, and dispensaries should expect customers to be looking for them more and more as time goes on.

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